Hello and welcome! We are a North Kentucky couple, living just across the river from Downtown Cincinnati, Ohio, who loves to do things but finds our budget doesn’t always match our tastes. Over the years we have learned to compromise on things such as going out for cheaper dinners, travel on a dime and learning to shop with better habits. Times are tough and just getting tougher so lets journey together on ways to have fun on a budget.

You will see activities that a inexpensive or free. Believe it or not there is a lot in the area. Going places that are better than sitting in a gross, cheap hotel room that you would never want to use a black light in. Learn some money saving tips for cooking that actually taste good without my life story getting in the way of the recipes.

This will be an evolving process. Some days you may see a helpful post, other days it maybe my musings on life. I promise to only pull out my little, or sometimes big, soap box once in a while. We drive for rideshares on occasion for extra income, so once in a while you may hear a story from the road.

You never know what you will find on here, but hopefully it is always fun, enlightening or helpful.

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