I remembered her

My ride-share driver lesson of the day.

I am a firm believer that you never know where, what or who your lesson is going to come from. At times, I need to sit back and let things happen. Today was a great example and once again, teacher.

I was driving for a ride-share today and get a request for a ride. It was farther than I usually like to take but it was slow at the time and I decided “F… it. I’ll do it”. As soon as I see who and where it was I almost canceled the ride.

I had had this woman before. She had some “issues”. I took her to a first date and she talked the entire time, not as someone who as most see, “healthy”.

It was not a bad ride, but not one that I wished to soon repeat. It drained me. She had been through a lot though granted with a healthy grain of salt from her field of view, it was still a lot.

Many times when driving, I am like the quick therapist for some or the bartender to listen to a drunken person. They tell me all their stories thinking they have the anonymity of never seen each other again.

Today was different for her. I remembered.

I let her know I remembered her. I remembered where I took her. I remembered what was going on with her.

I had remembered her.

I let her know.

Today I was taking her to a place she was going to do something that was a very empowering for her. “Issues” and all.


Here is my point. She could not get over the fact I remembered her. She could not stop talking about how good that made her feel. I never said a word I thought she was someone I would not to take for a ride again.

She needed to hear that she was, as the late Ms. Ross (an old friend of mine) said: ” Needed, valued and loved.”

I will add…remembered. By anyone.

As she got to her destination she had to take a moment to show me pictures of her kids. She apologized for taking up my time but yet, she was grateful for someone listening and remembering her. Some things and lessons are worth a moment or two of my life.

It was her gift to me that she could give. It was her most valuable gift she had.

For remembering her.

I had remembered her.

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