A bit late, but still good!

This is from National Kindness Day a few years ago…

Some days I get cynical and think the world is going to hell in a handbasket. I still think some things are, but with work, I get to see the good. We at the company, just received a letter from a father who’s son lost his battle with cancer a few years ago, so every year he makes a donation in his son’s name to his child’s favorite players foundation, who we just happen to manage.

Say what you want about some of the NFL players, some of them are some really great guys. I am going to leave the player and team names out of this for now.

The father explained that during his son’s second time with brain cancer at the age of 11, they wrote to the child’s favorite team, asking for on field tickets for the sick child. The team obliged, asking the child’s favorite player which happens to be our client. When our client found out about the child, he came over and took a pictures with him, spent time with him and gave him his number to text/call him personally.

The child died shortly after with our client’s jersey on that he was given. The game after the child passed away, our client scored a touchdown and texted the father after that it was for the child who died.

I just found this a rather touching reminder of the good in people. Today is National Kindness Day. It is always a good reminder of my being kind and doing, not looking for others to do so. It is my responsibility, that is all I really can control. The impact that even a few moments of time and a smile can make, I hope I never forget. The difference listening for a bit, really listening, a hug and sometimes no hug but just being there make.

OK, I am done. Time to go sing Kumbaya now and hopefully not flip anyone off on the way home in traffic.

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