Fish Burrito!

This was a knock out of the park dish. Dan loved it, which makes me happy. I do love to cook and love it even more when the people I serve the meal to enjoy their meal. There is something that satisfies my soul when that happens.

Fish burrito (tilapia, pan fried) with Asian Sesame Ginger Dressing Cole Slaw, Roma Tomatoes, Pineapple, Goat Cheese (had some in the fridge hanging out) and sour cream.

I dredged the tilapia in a flour, smoked paprika, garlic and black pepper mixture. I didn’t use an egg wash because I wanted to keep the coating light, not overpowering the fish. Pan fried it in my copper fry pan with a bit of vegetable oil, 3.5 to 4 minutes on each side over a medium high heat.

Once all the fish was cooked, I called Dan in and we each assembled our own burritos. He like more of one item while I always load up with cheese. Doesn’t matter what kind of cheese, I always use about double the amount he does. I keep cheese mongers employed.

It was surprising how well all the flavors worked well together. You could taste each item which surprised me. It was a sweet and savory, quick dinner that was a hit with both of us.

The great thing is this was super cheap! I got the tilapia on sale about 10-12 servings on sale for around $6 and used about 6 portions. We always have the burrito wraps around because they are easy to use and last forever. They run around $2.50 for 20 of them and we used 4 for around $.50. I had a head of cabbage in the fridge for around a dollar but only used part of the head, so let’s say around $.50. The tomatoes had been hanging on the counter for a while, slowly heading to rotting then soon which run around $.50 a piece. I got the pineapple for free from a neighbor and the goat cheese was around $5 and I had been working on a log if it for a bit, so lets say around a $1 worth of cheese.

Rough estimate is for $5.50 for the two of us, we had a fantastic and very satisfying dinner for two! I will do that any day!

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