Homemade Cold Brewed Iced Coffee on a Budget

I know I gotta have some coffee lovers out there. Especially Cold Brewed Iced Coffee in the summer. There is nothing better than enjoying a cold brewed coffee in the summer on the perilous drive into work.

My commute is about 4 minutes. With lots of pot holes and bumps along the way in our small town

I could swing by McWhatever, which is on my way to work and grab a coffee, but why bother? I can make it cheaper and have coffee in me before I ever have to speak with another human. Plus, I find theirs too weak. Sounds like a win win for me. Plus it is super easy to make and great to have ready so you never have to leave home.

Here is the quick cost comparison.

McWhatever – $1.99 Large size

StarWhatever Bottled from convenience store – $2.99

StarWhatever in store depending on location – $2.95

That Donut place – $2.79

Homemade – around $0.28 per container, around 3 servings, so let’s say $0.10 per serving for a large.

If I have two servings a day for 7 days a week my homemade cost is $1.40ish.

Need I say more?

I prefer my coffee so I can thread a sewing machine needle while it is running. Some prefer a slight pick-me-up in the morning. For the purposes of not seeding you into mild cardiac arrest, I went for a slightly stronger brew. You will find your own amount that you like after one or two tries.

I will show two methods. One is easier but a smaller amount. I do that in a French Press, which not everyone owns. The other way is in a carafe, but this requires a bit more work with needing to strain out the grounds. You can make it with a coffee maker as well, but I prefer the other methods. It is a smother, not as bitter taste. Plus we got rid of our coffee make after having to find a spot on our 9 feet of counter space in our kitchen. (I’ll show you all later in a post.) The French Press is a much better option for lack of space. Here is an Amazon link to French Presses that are glass.


IN A CARAFE: I use a Rubbermaid Carafe That you can find on Amazon.

Add around 6 tablespoons of grounds.

Add water till full.


Steep in refrigerator for 5+ hours. I do mine before I go to bed and it is perfect in the morning.

Pour out coffee as needed but you need to drain the grounds out.

There in lies the problem with this method. Draining the grounds. I have used old metal filters, but it is more of a pain than it is worth at times.


Add around 4 tablespoons of grounds. (This also could be dependent on the size but most are the same size.)

Add water till full.

Put on cover with the strainer/plunger.


Steep in refrigerator for 5+ hours. I do mine before I go to bed and it is perfect in the morning.

Push down the strainer/plunger

Pore your delicious Cold Brewed Coffee into a glass of your choice, with or without ice, along with your choice of creamers or flavors.

If you are looking to invest in a French Press I recommend the a glass instead of plastic carafe piece. We had a plastic but it would crack with heat when we did use for hot coffee.

I keep telling people how easy this is to do. I will never be sure why more people don’t do this for as easy as it is. Not only easy but budget friendly to the point you will not feel guilty!

Cold Brewed Iced Coffee on my messy desk

As you may notice I am new to the blogging thing. Let me know if you have any questions on how to do this. It will help me learn how to blog better!

Affiliate disclosure: As an Amazon Associate, I may earn commissions from qualifying purchases from Amazon.com.

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