Cheap Date Night at Fountain Square

There is a spot in Cincinnati, that most every night during the summer if the weather cooperates, is a cheap and fun night out. It has been the city center since 1871. That spot is Fountain Square. Most every night during the nicer months there is an organized function with live music, all for FREE! They keep adding events all the time, including during lunch hours now, and have also installed a full-time bar for those that like an adult beverage.

Around Halloween a few years ago, with a Kiss cover band and roaming scary clowns.

Cincinnati’s Fountain Square has gone through a lot of changes over the years. It’s been the place to go, it’s been the place to not go, and back to a city center and heartbeat. The fountain has been moved around several times and relocated to the present location where the square is more of the gathering and attention than the fountain itself.

Opening Day a few years back.

The fountain was dedicated in 1871 by Henry Probasco, a Cincinnati businessman who made his money as a hardware merchant. The name of the fountain itself is Tyler Davidson Fountain and also The Genius of Water. Tyler Davidson was Probasco’s brother-in-law and business partner dedicated to the people of Cincinnati. It really is lovely to sit beside on a hot night of Salsa Dancing and cool down in its spraying mist of water.

If you like history here is some obscure history and an article about Fountain Square on website.

We have gone to numerous events on Fountain Square over the years. We have gone to Opening Day, the unofficial Cincinnati holiday. We froze one night for a New Years’ countdown and celebration. We’ve danced to a sweaty mess of Salsa dancing during the summer. I will say every time we have gone, we have enjoyed being there. It is one of the few locations where I feel you get a mix of people, the real people of Cincinnati. You have the homeless, the workers just getting off their shift to the business person staying at the hotel across the street.

Salsa Night last year.

Every night there is something different happening as I mentioned before. This is a list of the evenings for April. You can find the calendar of events here.

Monday’s are Trivia Nights.
Tuesday’s are Fountain Feud, a take on Family Feud.
Wednesday is live music. May 18th is the Hiders who I really like, so I hope to be there.
Thursday is Salsa Dancing. They give lessons too!
Friday and Saturday will be live bands.

Be sure to check out the events during the days as well. If you work down there or have the afternoon off, nothing is better than spending some time in the square on a beautiful day with great activities going on.

As for the cost here is a bit of a breakdown. Parking, we park in the garage below the square due to my hip issues. After 4 PM it is a flat rate of $7 for 8 hours. If memory serves me correctly a beer there was $5 last summer. There are restrooms that stay clean most of the time. There is also free WiFi available if you want to sit and do some work on your laptop. You can not bring in outside alcohol.

If you are looking for a cheaper night out, Fountain Square is the place! For easily under $20 you can rock out, salsa dance, win at trivia or just sit listening to music while people-watching in the heart of Cincinnati.

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