Saying Goodbye To Someone

Not all things are about being cheap or saving money. Sometimes what is important is using a talent that you have. So many people don’t think they have a talent but I am a firm believer every person has one. You need to move out of the way of your own judgment sometimes. Silence or move beyond that inner critic.

I am lucky to have a creative talent. I am a full-time graphic designer, which I love. Most days. I always say the great part about my job is I GET to be creative every day. The bad thing is I HAVE to be creative every day. But it is still a talent. Over the years I have found that I can put my talents to good use for friends on occasion.

Sadly, several weeks ago one of my best friends’ daughters died. It was sudden and shocking. They waited a bit before doing a memorial service for her. During that time they asked me to design her memorial card. I was honored to be asked and said of course I would design a card. I am lucky to work at a company that when I told them what had happened, work donated the paper for printing. I was able to use beautiful paper that normally would be out of most people’s reach or ability to procure.

I had the thought I would like to do a bit more for my friend. Something that could lift people up with a bit of joy in a tragic loss. A bit more remembrance. I did a bit of looking around and stumbled across the idea of spreading joy through wildflowers.

This was perfect! Barb, my friend’s daughter, had a tattoo of a butterfly. She also adored the winged beauties. Butterflies are symbolic of change and transformation which seemed appropriate. I started thinking that wildflowers draw butterflies. How about making small packets of wildflowers to pass out that would attract butterflies?

My friends loved the idea. I found a quote that I found appropriate, printed onto small note card size pieces of card stock. Dan and I filled up small envelopes from Amazon, sealed and glued the envelope and card together. People loved them. It was simple and meaningful.

A small gesture can make a difference in someone’s life.

I purchased two bags of wildflower seeds from Amazon. I decided not to buy cheaper seeds but went with a highly rated batch that had a good review for growing. I have learned over the years to, at times, spend money on quality over quantity. This was one of those times to have quality.

The back of the card that we attached with Wildflower seeds inside.

It only took a bit of my time to make something meaningful for my friend and the family.

I put my talents to use. What are some of the talents you can use in similar situations? How about these ideas…

Listen. Just sit and listen. Be present.
Offer to make a meal.
Offer to clean.
Drive them to an appointment to spend time with them.
Help with out-of-town guests.
Write down what that person means to you and send it in a card.
Offer to help if doing a luncheon or dinner.

I know there are a thousand other things but little things make a world of difference sometimes. It is always up to me to look around and see what small or big thing I can do in the world. It seems at times we need to make grand gestures. We don’t. We just need to make a small one at times. Much like some of the seeds we packed up. The seed is small but yields stunningly beautiful results.

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