Thrifting Fail

I started with good intentions. I really did. My post Thrifting Challange has run aground. Much like the ship recently in the Suez Canal. It is stuck and much like the ship, the things I purchased are just sitting there, taking up space. You can tell by the picture that there are piles of stuff that really I should be cleaning up.

What I forgot was that cleaning things to make them good again and then posting the items takes time. I also would have to pack and ship, which is a bit of a hassle. Time is what is in short supply right now. I go to work, come home, clean up the house, cook, and then I have “free” time. That is the time when I sit at the computer to do side work or try to get the extra things done, yawning the entire time. Meanwhile, he is over on the couch watching TV complaining I am not spending time with him.

I am not saying I am giving up. Far from it. More than likely I will keep the bread machine because I like it and I found a home one on top of the fridge for the beast. The rest of the items will probably be shoved in some dark corner of a closet to get them out of the way, where they will be forgotten for a time.

The conclusion I came to is it is just not worth the small amount of money I would make doing the process of it all. Maybe it is justification for being lazy but at this moment I am comfortable with being lazy. I have too many other things going on to fiddle with it.

After all, he is really handsome and I like sitting on the couch with him, talking about the day and then one of us falls asleep to snore in the others ear.

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